138th International AES Convention – Focal Press’ Schedule of Events!

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Visit Focal Press at the 138th International AES Convention in Warsaw

We will be giving away a free Focal Press book per day from May 7-9th. Come by the booth for a chance to enter and win!

Can’t make it to AES?  You can still enter for a chance to win a free Focal Press book!  Simply sign-up for Focal Press’ monthly audio & music technology newsletter!

Also, take advantage of the conference discount –
All books are 20% off!

Books can be purchased at the booth or online at www.focalpress.com.
Use discount code XXXXX at checkout. Online orders over $35 shipping to the US and Canada and orders over £20 shipping to the UK will ship for FREE!


Visit our booth on Friday, May 8th from 2:30 – 3.30 pm and get your copy of Mic It! signed by author, and sound and recording expert Ian Corbett!

Ian will also presenting “Mic It & Record It!” session on Sunday May 10th, 9:15am — 10:15am and involved as a moderator on student recording critique sessions.





Focal Press is again a proud sponsor of both the Student Design and Student Recording competitions at AES!

All finalists will receive a Focal Press book.

Attend the Student Design Competition session on Saturday, May 9th from 9:00am — 11:00am and hear the students present their designs.

Attend the Student Recording Competition sessions on Friday, May 8th from 4:30 pm — 6:30 pm and Saturday, May 9th from 3.45pm — 4.45pm.  Finalists will present their work and detail production intentions and key decisions in front of the Convention audience, after which the judges will ask questions and give their feedback.


Jamie Angus, Acoustics and Psychoacoustics, 4th Edition

Presenter: T10 – Modern Digital to Analogue Conversion: Audio Alchemy Using Signal Processing

Saturday, May 9, 09:00 — 11:00



Eddy Brixen, Audio Metering

Chair: T2 – Audio Forensics—What’s it All About

Thursday, May 7, 14:30 — 16:00

Chair: T6 – Microphones—Can You Hear the Specs?

Friday, May 8, 11:15 — 13:15

Alex Case, Mix Smart and Sound FX

Presenter: T11 – Time Reversal in Sound Recordings

Saturday, May 9, 11:15 — 12:45



Ian Corbett, Mic It!

Presenter: T15 – Mic It & Record It!

Sunday, May 10, 09:15 — 10:15



Peter Dowsett, Audio Production Tips





Philip Newell, Recording Studio Design, 3rd Ed. and Loudspeakers





Douglas Self, Self on Audio, Small Signal Audio Design, 2nd Ed., Audio Power Amplifier Design, 6th Ed., The Design of Active Crossovers, and Audio Engineering Explained

Chair: EB-2 – e-Brief Lectures

Sunday, May 10, 09:00 — 12:00


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