An Author Interview: Bob Katz

   By Anais Wheeler   Categories: Mastering Audio

Just in case you didn’t catch it the first time… ProRec is running an interview with Focal Press Author Bob Katz again.

Here is a quick link to Part 1 and Part 2.  It starts out a little something like this…

Title: Bob Katz – The Lost Interview

“Before we get started, let me explain what I mean by “lost” interview. We didn’t find a secret tape hidden beneath the studio down the street, covered in dust and rotting away. No, not that kind of lost.

Through all that has happened with ProRec in the past few months, you’ve just probably never seen this interview. So we’re bringing it to you here in it’s entirety, filled with great information and insight from the man who brought us “Mastering Audio” and the K-System metering method. Due to the length of this interview, we’re splitting it up over two parts. Enjoy!”


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