Audio Myth Workshop – AES VIDEO

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Does anyone remember the world before youtube?

The amount of educational and audio related information on there is astounding. We thought that it might be fun to swap links with you! We can’t help but wonder what you are logging on to watch when it comes to Audio. 

We have opened up the comments section below (for the first time!) – and look forward to visiting your suggested links.

Below you will find the most recent youtube video that we have watched. Audio Myths an AES Workshop by Ethan Winer.

About Ethan Winer:

Ethan Winer is a reformed rock ‘n’ roll guitarist who sold his successful software business in 1992 to take up the cello. Ethan has, at various times, earned a living as a studio musician, computer programmer, audio engineer, composer/arranger, technical writer, and college instructor. His articles have appeared in numerous audio magazines, and he was a contributing editor for PC Magazine. Ethan now designs acoustic treatment products and runs RealTraps in New Milford, CT.



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