PODCAST: Acoustic Treatment Demonstration and The Audio Expert

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Audio engineering tips from Ethan WinerRecently, Focal author Ethan Winer was a guest on The Home Recording Show. The Home Recording Show is a weekly podcast produced by Ryan Canestro, Jon Tidey and Jesse Zoller. 

On this episode there is a demonstration and discussion of the effectiveness of various materials for acoustic treatment in a terrible room.   They also discuss Ethan’s soon to be published book The Audio Expert.

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Show #156 – Acoustic Treatment Demonstration and The Audio Expert

Ethan Winer has, at various times, worked as a studio musician, computer programmer, circuit designer, recording engineer, composer/arranger, technical writer, and college instructor. He’s had nearly 100 feature articles published in audio and computer magazines including Mix, PC Magazine, Electronic Musician, EQ Magazine, Audio Media, Sound on Sound, Keyboard, Pro Sound News, and Recording.  In 2002 he started the company RealTraps to manufacture bass traps and other acoustic treatment, which he continues to this day.

Ethan describes his new book, The Audio Expert as a “how everything works book.”  He is a firm believer that if you know how your equipment works, you will be able to use it properly. But the book even goes beyond that and brings together the concepts of audio, aural perception, musical instrument physics, acoustics, and basic electronics, showing how they’re intimately related.

The book also includes a companion website jammed packed with audio and video examples to better present complex topics such as vibration and resonance. There are also videos demonstrating editing techniques and audio processing, as well as interviews with skilled musicians demonstrating their instruments and playing techniques.

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