Several Ways to Kickstart Your Career

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Editorial Note: Although he may be too modest to mention it upfront our Editorial Team certainly is not! David Miles Huber recently received his 2nd Grammy Nomination! Congratulations.

As the new year rolls around, many of us take stock of our careers and wish that we had better life-skill “tools” for keeping track of our general tasks and career goals… a system for sticking to a plan and carrying it out. Not an easy task… but for those of us in the arts, here are some of the tools that I’ve found to be effective. (Note: mind you, I have to constantly revisit these important points, as it’s all-too-easy to stray from “the plan”) … ok, here goes:

#1. Self-Motivation – First and foremost, it’s important to realize that your dreams and goals will never be handed to you. In any of the arts, all of the desire, motivation and artistic skills must come from you. Achieving your goals in the arts comes from the magic combination of drive, passion and luck. You, alone, are in charge of the path that lay ahead of you, period…

#2. Networking – As a good buddy of mine always says “Showing up is HUGE”. No truer words have ever been spoken! In order to be at the right place at the right time, YOU HAVE TO SHOW UP! In a slogan: “just DO IT”.

Another buddy called it “sniffing butt”… you know, the way dogs get to know other dogs. It’s the same thing, you’ve gotta be there to roll the dice and you gotta meet those that can help you in order to “catch the early worm”. So get out there, and… perform, network, schmooze (my least fave thing to do)… just show up… cause being at the right place at the right time, means being at the wrong place (at least) a thousand times.

#3 “Be” –You are what you think you are. Again, the only person that can make you into what you want to be is you. If you want to be a musician, go “BE” a musician. If you wanna be a producer, go “BE” a producer. If you wanna be an “X”, go be an “X”… not later, not after your out of school, not anytime but “NOW”. Simply say to yourself “I AM AN X”… and then go about working to be the best “X” you can possibly be… and have fun doing it!

#4. Plan it out – Create a document and call it “My Plan”. Then, start writing down your goals, dreams, fears… all of it into different categories. Then, start writing down the various number bulleted “to do” lists that can get you started… then … the idea is to keep with the list, as an ongoing guide that can help keep you on track. Seriously, I “have” to do this, or I’d be very, very scattered.

“5. Get a team – If this makes sense for you… try to assemble a team of professionals or general advisors that can help you achieve your goals, help you stay on track and connect you with people who can help (it’s the old networking, sniffing butt trick again… it ALWAYS gets back to WHO you know.

I hope this helps… truthfully, I wrote this as a reminder to myself (and a buddy in Berlin). In truth, we all need reminders and goals to keep on track. I firmly believe that it’s not about the end goal, nearly as much as it’s about the journey… get out and enjoy the best journey in life that you can possibly make happen for yourself. You’re the only one that can do it!

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David Miles Huber is a 2X Grammy-nominated producer and musician in the electronic IDM, dance and surround-sound genres, whose music has sold over the million mark. His style is perfectly energized and balanced out by lush, downtempo beats and live acoustic instruments that combine to create a “Zen-meets-Tech experience” which pulls the listener into a musical soundscape that’s rich, enticing and energizing. His latest music and collaborations can be heard on and SoundCloud.


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