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In recent years an even smaller studio revolution has taken place—the pad revolution. In fact, some of the greatest changes in audio production today are coming about as a direct result of the introduction of palm-held devices like the iPad and Android pad devices. Of course, the strengths of these devices are that they are extremely portable, wireless and offer an ever-increasing amount of processing power. A by-product of all this is overall cost-effectiveness. As an example, years ago, a remote controller device for a DAW would set you back $1200 or so…now, it’s a simple matter of getting out your pad, downloading a controller app from the “store” and you’ll have as many (or more) of the functions of its “wired” hardware counterpart at a ridiculously small cost … or even for free (Figure 1.16).

Figure 1.16 A pad can be used as a wireless control surface for a DAW in a way that simulates the functions of a larger controller at a meager fraction of the cost.

As new apps (applications) come onto the market – literally on a daily basis – the pad revolution continues to make its mark on all forms of media production.

Within the fields of music and audio production, a pad can be used for such applications as:

  • Audio recording and mixing
  • DAW and systems control
  • Electronic instruments
  • Composition

Obviously, as these devices become more powerful, they can be used for any number of on-the-go purposes that previously required a larger computer or laptop … this is truly a technological revolution in the making.

Studio in the Palm of your Hand

To take these ever-shrinking analogies to the nth degree, newer handheld recording systems can actually fit in your pocket to sample and record sounds with professional results, using either their internal high-quality mics or, in some cases, using external professional mics under phantom power. Truly, it is a small world after all (Figure 1.17)!

Figure 1.17 Capturing sound on the go!

Excerpt from Modern Recording Techniques, 8th Edition by David Miles Huber and Robert E. Runstein © 2013 Taylor & Francis Group. All Rights Reserved.


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