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Professional studio design is a specialized science. Over the past few years, Sound on Sound magazine has made one trip each month to a reader’s studio, demonstrating that it is fairly simple to make a huge improvement to an untreated project-studio room, without spending a fortune. However, they’ve also proven that beginners’ attempts at DIY acoustic treatments often cause more problems than they solve. Utilizing knowledge from dozens of visits to readers’ home and project studios, the SOS team imparts easy-to-understand, organized troubleshooting advice in their new book The Studio SOS Book.

Now, we know you are all experts on practical monitoring solutions… but, it is time to put that knowledge to the test! This is, undoubtedly, the moment when the whole class groans as the teacher yells “Pop Quiz!” But, unlike the classroom, we come bearing gifts.  Answer these 5 questions correctly, and you could win a $50 iTunes gift card… and bragging rights effective immediately. 

Interested? Email your answers to Elyse Lebel ( with the subject line “Studio SOS Pop Quiz”  by 3PM Wednesday, June 5, 2013 and we will pick one lucky winner!

HINT: All answers can be found in this recent post from Audio Undone.


1.)    What are mirror points? And, what is an easy way to find them in your studio?

2.)    Is it better it hang rectangular commercial acoustic panels vertically or horizontally?

3.)    What do you do if a mirror point coincides with a window?

4.)    Name 2 Monitoring “Do’s”

5.)    Name 2 Monitoring “Dont’s.”


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