Killer iPhone Apps for Guitar Gods ON THE GO

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I love light, portable, inexpensive tools to create and enjoy music. If the iPod radically changed how I consumed music, and the Line 6 Pod changed how I recorded guitar parts, the iPhone has made making music even more portable and fun.

These three apps for iPhone users are not only easy to use and fully functional but convenient. Your iPhone is always with you, so having multiple apps for different purposes on one device eliminates the need to carry or use separate pieces of hardware.

Cleartune Guitar Tuner ($4) – I brought my acoustic guitar to my honeymoon in Kauai… but forgot my tuner. I downloaded this little gem from the App Store and got tuned up in seconds. An attractive interface, ease of use and the accuracy have virtually made my stand-alone tuner obsolete.

Amplitube iRig Guitar Amp & Effects Rig System ($40) – Plug the iRig adaptor into your iPhone, pull up the Amplitube app and plug your guitar cable and headphones into the iRig, and you can practice electric guitar virtually anywhere—no Pod to plug in or carry on the go. There are tons of amazing-sounding amps and stompboxes to choose from, plus a tuner, 36 presets and the option to play along to your own backing tracks. Also now available for iPad.

Chordmaster ($2) – We wouldn’t be rock guitarists if we weren’t guilty of leaning a bit too heavily on bar chords, right? Now you can expand your repertoire from those more comforting basics to this app’s library of over 7,000 chords. Just select a chord and their variant from the wheels and tabs at the top and the tabs are displayed. You can even strum right across the virtual fretboard or tap individual notes to give a listen.

My iPhone’s already replaced my Line 6 Pod as my “practice amp,” and the Cleartune app has usurped my normal tuner from regular use. If you have a favorite music-related iPhone app that’s replaced hardware you’ve previously used, feel free to comment on this blog post at, or shoot me an email at

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